Wynnstay Wine List

We import all our wines directly from wine makers in Italy, a country we know well.

Italy has over 3,000 grape varieties – always more to explore. All our wines are from “single estates”, so of higher quality than the usual cheap (industrial) wines, with less use of chemicals.

Importing directly, we can offer far better value.


Wines by the glass

Small / 125ml – £3.50  |  Regular / 175ml – £5.00 | Large / 250ml – £7.00 | Bottle / 1 litre – £22.00


Pinot Grigio, Povero, Piedmonte, Italy 11.5% – Classic, clean, clear and dry
Vermentino, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 11.5% – Dry, light and crispy
Arneis, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 12% – Rounded and complex
Chardonnay, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 12% – Fresh, aromatic and unoaked. This chardonnay is a perfect accompaniment to most chicken and fish dishes. Or is equally enjoyable on its own as an aperitif


Malbec, Belcorvo, Veneto, Italy, 11.5% – Very fruity, almost no tannin
Barbera, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 12.5% – Classic quaffer or with food


Rosato, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 11.5% – Dry, light, clean and fruitty

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Entry level bottled wines

These are simple, easy drinking wines from a quality producer.


1 Ardita Cortese DOC, Cantina Povero, Piedmonte, Italy, 12% £17.50
Cortese Also known as Gavi
This is straw coloured with green lights. It is dry and harmonious which makes it perfect on its own or good with fish and light vegetable dishes.

2 Ardita Barbera DOC, Cantina Povero, Piedmonte, Italy, 12% £17.50
Barbera is the red wine that you will find in people’s homes, Trattorie and Restaurants across Piemonte. It is full bodied and smooth and very good with the hearty food of the region. Allow it to breathe and it opens up into a rich mellow red.

3 Dolcetto, Capitano del Palio, DOC, Povero, Piedmonte, Italy 12.5% £18.50
A very fruity red with decent tanins, ideal with our lamb

Bottled Wines : All 75 cl unless otherwise stated

White Wines

10 Ortrugo DOC, Bonelli, Emilia, Italy, 2015/6 11.5% One of our favourites £21.95
Ortrugo Lightly fizzy or “frizzante”
Ortrugo is a truly obscure grape of the Piacenza Hills of Emilia Romagna. A very well kept secret. A Silver Decanter award winner. Light and fresh with an aroma of tart apples, peaches and white blossom. Fantastic with simple grilled fish, a fish pasta or a pear, blue cheese and walnut salad. Cold on a summer day with a bowl of cherries, it is bliss.

11 Vermentino Vignaerta, Bisson, Campegli, Ligura, Italy, 13.5% 2016 Elegant Class £25.00
Consistently our go-to for to Vermentino, this wine is has all the hallmarks of a classic. It’s fragrant, herbaceous with good acidity and verve. The vineyard is in the Golfo di Tigullio near the Cinque Terre. Vermentino is a grape that is very responsive to its growing area and it varies enormously from place to place. This one’s a cracker and perfect on it’s own, or wonderful with simple fish.

12 Langhe Favorita DOC, Cantine Povero, Piemonte, Italy 12.5% 2015/6 Trendy £21.50
Favorita, aka, Vermentino, Pigato, Rolle (they are all similar, but differ according to terroir)
Refreshing, aromas of peach, lemon peel, dried herbs and a whiff of saline minerality. minerality. It’s a wonderful alternative to the obvious white wine choices. This is great with marinated sardines, octopus or mackerel salads. Dry with medium acidity and aroma of pears. Great for quaffing or with simple fish or light vegetable dishes.

13 Pigato, Bisson, Sestri Levante, Verici, Liguria, Italy, 13.5% 2016 £27.00
Pigato Bon Ton Milano – white wine of choice for the Milanese
Pigato, which is a freckled cousin to Vermentino, is a wonderful elegant white wine from Liguria, the grapes for this come from the Arroscia Valley where it is grown alongside other red grapes. It is aromatic, herby, with white peach and citrus and an intriguing, very slightly bitter edge. Unlike Vermentino it does not change with its terroir. Well structured and spicy it can be aged up to 10 or fifteen years.

14 Roero Arneis, Terre del Conte, DOCG, Cantine Povero, Piemonte, Italy 13% 2015/6 £21.50
Arneis A complex rascal
Arneis, in local Piemnonte dialect, means Rascal, so called as it was difficult to grow. However the Agriculture department of the University of Torino gave the grape a tweak and since the 1980’s it has been back in full production. Perfumed, pears, flowers and almonds, bone dry and crisp to drink: a fanstastic transition wine, from the lightweight wines of summer to the full bodied wines of winter. Great with an autumn butternut risotto or a big fish soup.

15 Manzoni Bianco, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 12.5% 2016 £22.30
Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13. (a cross between Rhine Riesling and Pinot Bianco)
This wine has won a gold medal at the Pramaggiore Wine competition, received a recommendation from Time magazine in 2005 and in 2011 won a Decanter bronze medal. It is a very fine example of it’s type. It’s straw yellow, vivacious with strong herbal and vegetable scents with hints of pineapple and grapefruit. Soft and fresh.

Three Usual Suspects On their way – not in just yet! The following three are classic wines as they should be, single estate wines of real quality: very far from the industrial, chemical nasties all too prevalent today!

16 Sauvignon IGT Veneto, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 12.5% £21.50
Sauvignon Blanc
This is a lovely dry refreshing Sauvignon, intense straw yellow in colour, it has an intense bouquet of exotic fruit, yellow peppers and melon. It’s great with fish and shell fish but very interestingly it goes well with asparagus which is difficult to match with wine. A very nice take on a familiar favourite.

17 Chardonnay DOC Venezia, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 12.5% £21.50
Probably the most grown and used grape in the world. Chardonnay in good hands makes some fine wine. This one is intense and harmonious, fruitty, slightly resinous with hints of lime apple and nectarine. It’s great quaffing wine but it’s excellent with big salads, chicken and, of course, fish.

18 Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 12.5% £21.50
Pinot Grigio
A lovely pale yellow, soft and velvety. Fruity with tastes of yellow apple, pear and acacia. A favourite aperative wine, also good with risotto and fish.

Lesser known Whites

19 Offida Peccorino DOCG, Organic, Tenuta Santori, Piceno Italy, 13% 2015 £24.00

20 Pecorino Italian Chablis – sort of 2016 £27.00
Straw yellow with lime green reflections, minerally and savory, with a persistent aftertaste; smooth and mellow. It has the capacity to age in the bottle. This is a perfect wine with seabass but it is also excellent with aged cheeses or the soft smelly Celtic Promise. A wine that will age and is appreciated for this quality.

21 Cimixia, L’Antico Bisson, Sestri Levante & Campegli, Liguria, Italy, 13.5% £33.00
Cimixia Bed Bugs?
This is the result of the wine maker Piero Lugano’s interest in very rare grapes. Found on the mountainsides of the Cinque terre. No body is quite sure what it is, possibly a mutation of Pigato as it’s a freckled grape. The Zenese “Cimixia” translates to bedbug. Another example of the rather dark humour of the Liguri. Unusual and interesting. Straw yellow with a strong tropical fruit perfume. It is fresh, warm, smooth and minerally. It can be aged when a more smooth vegetal flavour emerges. However we never get to that point as it is all finished long before.

22 Timorasso, Derthona, Claudio Mariotto, Tortona, Piemonte, Italy 2000 13.5% £33.00
Timorasso Extraordinary & very special
Berry Bros & Rudd say this is one of the most exciting Italian autochthonous grape varieties to surface in recent years. Brought from near extinction, it resembles the finest Chablis. The grapes are allowed to develop noble rot. The wine is pure, fresh, structured and complex. It can be drunk young or laid down in the cellar for up to ten years. This is something very special. With a meal, full flavoured cheeses, shellfish, white meats or as a meditation wine.

Sparkling Whites

31 Prosecco Frizzante, Cunial, Veneto, 11.5% Good Basic Fizz (not industrial) £19.75
Prosecco producers are in a panic as Brexit puts the cork on the number one export to the UK from the Veneto. Oh well we may just have to pay a little more for our favourite flowery, fruity bubbles.

32 Prosecco Brut DOC, Barone Rechsteiner, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy 11.5% £22.95
Glera The real McCoy
This is a splendid example of the Italian celebration wine., as it should be, made without compromise. Fresh and elegant. On its own, celebrating or with fruitty deserts or shellfish.

33 Madre Terra, Cantine Bonelli, Colli Piacentini, Emilia 12% Glorious £25.50
Chardonnay, Malvasia Candia
Creamy, dreamy and wonderful, this is something special. The name means Mother Earth, as its production is sustainable and in sympathy with the environment This is a beautiful champagne style wine with a second fermentation in the bottle a perfect full-on fizz, very hard to beat for the price.

34 Roasato Spumante VSQ, Barone Rechsteiner, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy 11.5% £23.95
Glera, Raboso Piave For the sheer joy of it
This a fresh fruitty, dry rose’ which uses entirely native grapes from the growing area. The VSQ that this wine has means that it is a high quality sparkling wine. Soft pink dry, and elegant. This is just perfect for a summer celebration.


Light Red and Rose’ Wines

35 Ciliegiolo, Bisson, Tenuta Trigoso, Sestri Levante, Italy, 12.5% 2016 £21.50
Ciliegiolo A little cherry
This is a red wine much loved in Liguria where it produces this light luminous wine. It has an intense fruity perfume, it’s smooth and a good persistent after taste. The Ligurian red wine for fish, particularly for fish and tomato based dishes. It’s also great with stuffed vegetables, salami, and white meat. We like it as a lovely aperatif.

36 Le Rose di Settembre, IGT Giusti, Montignano, Marche, Italy, 12.5% 2016 £21.50
Lacrima di Moro d’Alba Romance in a bottle
A rose’ wine made from the once very rare tear drop shaped grapes found in the 80’s near Moro d’Alba. Intensely flavoured dark purple grape which makes for very unusual wine. This rose’ version has purple lights, fresh, pleasantly dry with complex aromas of violets and almonds. This is great on it’s own but it goes well with fish and white meats.


Fizzy Red Wines

41 Bonarda DOC, Bonelli, Emilia, Italy 12.5% 2015/6 Try it, you”ll like it £21.95
This is usual and very, very good. It should be served cold and it is designed to be drunk with mixed hams, meats and salami. It is also very good with barbeque and roast beef on a perfect Welsh summer day. Bonarda here is Bonarda Piemontese which is not related to the bonarda grown in Argentina. This grape gives warm coloured, slightly floral red wine with good tannins and acidity. Very rare and very good.


Still Red Wines

42 Nebbiolo Langhe, Borgo Lame, Cisterna d’Asti, Piemonte, Italy 13% 2015 £22.00
Nebbiolo A peasant’s Barolo
A full bodied hearty version of this classic grape made in more in a more style designed to be drunk younger than is usual for Nebbiolo.

43 Grignolino DOC, Cantine Povero, Piemonte, Italy 12.5% 2015 £22.00
Grignolino The lighter side of life
A light coloured, light bodied, scented herbal red from Piedmonte. This wine is perfect for lighter summer fare and goes with salmon and salad. For those who like Pinot Noir or Gamay this is another choice of interest. This is a perfect wine for a composed big salad or even a steak done in light fruity marinade.

44 Carmenere DOC Piave, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 13% 2015 £22.50
Carmenere So soft and cuddly
Billiant crimson coloured wine,wonderfully smooth but with a hint of pepper and spice. A grape originally cultivated in the Medoc region of Bordeaux, but it was also widely planted in the Veneto region. Thankfully here it survived the Phyloxera epidemic which killed Carmenere across the rest of the continent. Another little colony was found in, Chile and there it has gone on to be the Chilean signature wine. This one is the elegant European which is fantastic with pork, white meats and rich vegetrarian dishes with a tomato sauce base.

45 Pinot Nero IGT, Veneto, Barone Rechsteiner, Busco di Ponte di Piave, Italy, 12.5% 2014 £22.50
Pinot Nero The wine makers’ wine
The wine maker’s wine, difficult but when well made is an exciting thing. This one is ruby red and has scents of cherry and blueberries. It is dry and smooth and slightly tannic. Perfect with the Sunday Roast, but it also goes well with other red and white meats.

46 Gutturnio Riserva DOC, Bonelli, Colli Piacentini, Emilia, Italy 13% 2012 £22.50
Barbera, Bonarda A real favourite. A lot of wine for the money
This is a blend unique to the Piacenza hills. The two grapes are blended to make a soft cherry scented wine. If you have not heard of this wine you are not alone. This wine is great with a perfect roast beef and other red meats. The winery that makes this wine does not irrigate or use any chemicals in the production of this smooth red.

47 Tumlin Roero (Nebbiolo) DOCG, Cantine Povero, Piemonte, Italy 14% 2013 £24.00
Nebbiolo Big boy on a budget
The nebbiolo grape takes its name from the Italian word nebbia, which means fog and Piemonte can be veiled in fog when this late harvesting grape is gathered. It makes Barolo among others. Its strong acidity, good tannins and haunting perfume make red wines that are dark in colour with a brick coloured hue at the rim. This is for those who like the Barolo taste but without the budget.

48 Dolcetto Langhe Fin Canai DOC , Povero, Roero, Italy 13.5% 2015 £24.00
Dolcetto Lamb wine
The name means little sweetie but that has nothing to do with the taste, it grows well and is a lot easier to mamange than some of the other Piedmonte grapes. Cherry , prune and licorice flavours with a typical slightly bitter finish. This is the wine to go with our lamb.

49 Makalle Granaccia, Bisson, Sestri Levante, Ligura, Italy 17% 2009 (50 cl) £26.00
Grannaccia To be taken seriously
This is a red wine drinker’s wine. It’s full bodied warm and spicy. It’s also got hints of pine resin and myrtle. It is persistent and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. A perfect red for roast beef.

50 Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Rubbjano, DOC, Piergiovanni Giusti, Montignano 2009 £34.00
Marche, Italy. 13% Fruit? Wow!
Lacrima di Morro d’Alba
This is very perfumed, rich and concentrated, for a delicate mid weght wine. It has flowers violets, dried herbs, and spice. According to Robert Parker this wine shows the feminine gracious side of the Lacrima, another grape brought back from near extinction.

51 Due Querce Rosso IGT, Bonelli, Colli Piacentini, Emilia, Italy 13% 2013 £33.50
Bonarda, Barbera Classy wine from a classy Lady
A beautifully made full bodied red, with bright red fruit and vanilla, it’s but silky and elegant. This is the wine for roast meat and game, and is one Chef Gareth’s favourites. Made by Elena Bonelli

52 Barbaresco Batu’ DOCG, Povero, Piemonte, Italy 14% 2013 £35.00
Nebbiolo Barolo with manners
This is the more well mannered cousin to the famous Barolo, however in it’s own right Barbaresco is one of the great wines of Piedmonte. It is made from the same grape as Barolo, but due to its growing conditions it is not as tannic as Barolo and it does not have to age as long as Barolo. It is redolent of cherry, truffle and a little violet. A splendid big red wine.

53 Valpolicella Superiore Classico, Benedetti, Gargagnago, Valpolicella, Italy 13.5% 2015 £26.00
Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara Made by a rugby player
This ruby red beauty has intensse cherry and spice perfume. The taste is intense and persistent with hints of cherry and spice. This is great with red meats, aged cheese, and rich pasta dishes.

54 Ripasso, Valpolicella Superiore Classico, Benedetti, Gargagnago, Valpolicella Italy 13.5% 2013 £27.00
Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara Such a smoothie
The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of September, left to rest until November and the vinifed and then subjected to ‘ripasso’ which is refermentation of the wine on the pressings from Amarone. This makes a ruby red cherry perfumed wine, which is soft and enveloping to taste. It is persistent and elegant with hints of cherry, spice and tanin.

55 Malanotte DOCG, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, Italy, 13% 2012 £33.00
Raboso Oh Wow!
Raboso is an ancient native grape known long before the Roman Empire. The name means angry and the name is taken from a wild spate confluent of the Piave river. However Rechsteiner have tamed this wild and rumbunctuous character and this has contributed to the revival of Raboso. It is deep dark ruby red, with a strong nose of cherries and blackberries. It is full bodied, dry and slightly astringent. Marvellous with game and red meat. A red wine drinker’s wine.

56 Dominicale Rosso DOCG, Barone Rechsteiner, Treviso, Piavon di Oderzo, 15% 2013 £32.00
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Another Wow!
This is the flagship wine of Rechsteiner and it really is a Sunday Lunch roast beef special. It is a ruby red wine with pomegranite lights, and an intense spicy bouquet. Only made in the very best years. The wine spends 30 months in oak barrels and then eight months in the bottle. This is one of the very best wines of the growing area and it is a real treat.

57 Barolo Priore DOCG, Povero, Barolo, Piemonte, Italy 14.5% 2011 £38.00
Nebbiolo The King
The king of Italian wines, this is modest in comparison with some of the very expensive beasts beloved of the American market. This one has medium oak and tanin with a nice smooth finish. This is not a gentle international fruity wine. It’s an ancient beauty, made the same way for generations, to produce a warm, full bodied dry wine.

58 Amarone della Valpolicella, Classico 2010 DOCG, Benedetti, Veneto, Italy, 17.5% £44.00
Corvina, rondinella, Molinara Heaven in a bottle
This year was a very good one for Amarone and this is a good example. Amarone is one of our very favourite wines, and it is also the most stolen wine in Italian wine shops. It is difficult to make as the risks are high when drying the grapes before vinification. However, if it works, it is a wonderful full bodied raisiny wine. To be shared with very best of friends as a very big treat, the perfect meditation wine.

59 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, 2003 Azienda Agricola, Benedetti, Veneto, Italy
Corvina, rondinella, Molinara Very, very special £52.00
Amarone is one of Italy’s most important wines, rich and opulent and expensive as it is difficult to make. This one was made in the very hot and long summer of 2003 and at the moment it is drinking to perfection. Even those wines of ordinary years can be aged
for 10-15 years


Sweet Wines

61 Malvasia Dolce DOC. Bonelli, Colli Piacentini, Emilia, Italy 7% £21.95
Mavasia Fun and frolicks
We call this a “Tiramisu” , a pick me up. After a big meal this is refreshing and enlivening Bundles of fruit and wild flowers, lightly fizzy (Frizzante) for quaffing on its own, or with fruit desserts and chocolate.

62 Dominicale Dolce IGT, Rechsteiner Riserva 50CL, San Nicolo di Ponte di Piave, Italy, 13.5%
Verduzzo Fruilano, Traminer Pure seduction! £28.00
This is a white wine made like an Amarone. It is also made only the very best years, the grapes harvested in September are partially dried and presed in January. It has a perfume of candied fruit nectarine and wild flowers. The wine is an intense amber colour, and it is soft and velvety, full bodied and smooth. This is fantastic with our Welsh cheeses and traditional puddings and cakes.

63 Sciacchetra Passito, DOC, Cinque Terree, Liguria, Italy, 13.5% £69.00
Bosco, Vermentino, Albarola Sheer indulgence
This is a treat as it is a wonderful sweet wine which has been made for generations in the steep vineyards behind the Cinque Terre. It cannot be made every year as the summer cannot be too hot. The grapes are picked and selected in September but they are set aside to partially dry before pressing in December. The result is a deep amber wine, with an intense and intriguing perfume. It tastes of dates, balsamic notes, blond tobacco, resin sage and rosemary. It is great on it’s own or with aged cheeses, and desserts.