New Year’s Eve Menu 2017


This menu is all about courting health, wealth and happiness for the New Year.  We have taken from other people’s traditions of special lucky foods for New Year and given it all a good luck touch from Wales.

£25 per head – Sit down at 8 pm

Wine cup & nibbles in the Cwtch

(lots of round nibbles to symbolise wealth)


Ham hock terrine with mustard pickle

(The pig signifies security and being well fed)


Aubergines with saffron yoghurt dressing, pomegranate and rocket

(pomegranate is in season and its colour means happiness)


Open ravioli of seafood


Tangerine and Campari sorbet

(Round fruits are the symbol of health and wealth)


Cotechino, lentils, puree potato, mostarda

(traditional Italian New Year’s dish, pig and round, lentils are symbols of money)


Baked fish Jerusalem style

(East tradition says the whole fish is on the place to show the whole year will be good)


Vegetable B’stilla

(Lots of green vegetables, symbolising folding green money)


The dessert table of health wealth and happiness in the Bar area


Coffee in the Cwtch

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