Cocktail Menu

We have a created a unique list which incorporates some old favourites and new inventions. In essence we have tried to incorporate locally sourced ingredients and spirits to create cocktails for the discerning palette. Should you like a unique cocktail to be created for a special occasion please speak to our resident bar staff who will be happy to help.

Classic Mojito £6.00

A Worldwide favourite. White rum muddled with mint and brown sugar topped with soda

Spiced apple Mojito £6.00

A twist on the classic, spiced rum infused with mint and cider topped with soda

Espresso Martini £7.00

Great as either an aperitif or digestif:- Vodka and Kalhua with a hit of coffee

(A great pick me up)

Negroni £6.00

A classic cocktail commonly thought to have been created in 1919 by count Camillo Negroni by asking his bartender friend to strengthen his favourite cocktail with gin rather than soda

Y Ddraig Goch £6.50

“Red Dragon” Gin and orange liqueur with blood orange and grenadine (A hit with gin lovers using Welsh ingredients)

Old Fashioned £6.00

“A nice glass of booze” Bourbon or rye whiskey with sugar and angostura stirred over ice. Takes around 5-8 minutes to perfect but well worth the wait.

Margarita £6.00

Is the Spanish word for Daisy and its probable that this is a tequila based version of the Victorian alcoholic drink. There are a number of people who claim to have invented this.

Tequila Sunrise £6.00

Created by Bobby Lozoff & Billy Rice in California, made famous by Mick Jagger and the rolling stones who dubbed their 1972 tour “Cocaine and Tequila sunrise tour

Daquiri £6.00

History regarding this is a little murky but all agree that it was created by Jennings Stockton Cox at the turn of the 20th century in a little town called Daiquiri in Cuba. This classic is white rum, simple syrup and lime juice

The Wynnstay £6.00

Our own signature cocktail, rhubarb gin with blackcurrant liqueur shaken over ice topped with ginger ale. (A real crowd pleaser)

Ameretto or whiskey sour £6.00

This was first written down in 1862 but history states that it was created much earlier. Credit is given to Vice Admiral Edward Vernon who used lemons and limes to weaken rum to combat scurvy on the ships. We can create this with or without egg white.

Long Island Ice Tea £7.00

There are 2 stories as to the origin of this. One in the 1920`s and the other in the 70`s however after a few of these you likely won`t remember either. While this has the look and flavour of an ice tea it is created from 4 different spirits.

Virgin Cocktail Priced at £3.50


This is a light refreshing drink in the style of a Mojito but without the hangover. Apple juice with mint and lime are muddled and the topped with your choice of lemonade or soda

Dyfi Sunset

Orange and elderflower are the crux of this drink with a dash of grenadine syrup to create a visually stunning cocktail with a taste to match